The ISP agrees to allow Subscriber to use computing facilities at Subscriber's site in ISP's service area and to transmit data over the Network, and/or Subscriber's data on ISP's computers, in accordance with the terms of these Subscription rules and the ISP's Acceptable Use policy which follows:

a) Any disruptive or destructive traffic of any source is absolutely prohibited. This includes unsolicited electronic mail (spamming), DOS (denial of services) attacks etc. Port scanning, attemtping to hack other systems or any other unacceptable behaviour involving use of the ISP network is prohibited. The ISP's decision in regard to what is acceptable or not, is final.

b) If any data from any source leaves the ISP and enters any other network, that data must follow the acceptable use rules of the other network (including member networks, regional or backbone networks). It is the responsibility of the Subscriber to comply with these, not ISP's.

c) ISP specifically prohibits any use or display of data or information which could be viewed as racist, sexually offensive or obscene.

d) ISP expressly prohibits the re-sale of it's services via routers, LAN cables or any other means. The Subscriber cannot compete with the ISP, and the ISP's Management system monitors and detects this.

e) ISP prohibits illegal software trading (warez) and the Subscriber is solely responsible for any legal actions taken against him by third parties on the grounds of copyright infringment. ISP cannot be held responsible for any such claims from third parties.

f)The Subscriber is responsible for controlling his/her Anonymous FTP directory. The ISP routinely patrols these directories and reserves the right to terminate this facility if we encounter illegal usage.

g) The ISP reserves the sole right to block or limit usage of any Internet based service that impedes, hinders or otherwise degrades the overall network efficiency. This may include websites or applications including You-Tube, MyVideo, Limewire, Kazaa, Napster, P2P systems or any other service that the ISP determines conflicts with this clause. The ISP's decisions in this regard shall be final, and not subject to external legal process or scrutiny.

h) Use of the ISP's SMTP mail servers (mail sending) is only permitted for use with e-mail addresses assigned to domains registered with the ISP, which includes the domain. Subcribers may not spoof (fake) the sending address of mails sent via the ISP's SMTP servers.

i) The subscriber may not move, sell or dispose of the equipment without the written consent of the ISP, unless said equipment is owned by the subsriber. The equipment shall not be subject to any liens or torts, and remains the property of ISP until paid in full, in terms of this contract.